Ingredients: Deschutes Brewery Obsidian Stout, Coconut Oil, RSPO Certified Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Activated Charcoal, Anise Essential Oil. approx 5oz

Activated Charcoal Anise x Deschutes Obsidian Stout

  • Why beer? Hops, yeast, barley, and wheat provide an array of nourishing qualities for your skin and your hair. Hops are rich in amino acids, (helps soften skin), as well as polyphenols (believed to have antibacterial/preservative effects). Beer also contains vitamin B among other essential vitamins, which further moisturize skin. Hand made in Portland Oregon using the combination of organic essential and saponified oils with the best NW beer in every small batch, HopCity Soaps is proud to produce a very heady bar of soap for your skin.