About Us


In 2017, two Oregonians, Mick and Aaron converged in Portland and decided to start HopCity Soaps.  They figured with a culture so rich with delicious microbrews, why not use them to make a unique variety of beer soap. After apprenticeship under a skilled veteran soapmaker and handing out endless sample bars, HopCity Soaps was born!


Why beer?   Well, hops, yeast, barley, and wheat provide an array of nourishing qualities for your skin and your hair. Hops are rich in amino acids, (helps soften skin), as well as polyphenols (believed to have antibacterial/preservative effects).  Beer also contains vitamin B among other essential vitamins, which further moisturize skin. 

The finest craft beers from the Pacific NorthWest are used in every batch and are paired with oils and revitalizing aromas.  With over an ounce of beer in every bar, Cheers, it's beer for your bath! 

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